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Computer Service

Computer Service

Well versed in current technologies the professionals at Progressive Networks can keep your systems running properly. 

System Security

System Security

Progressive Networks has the ability to secure your environment.  Whether HIPAA or PCI compliance, we have the knowledge to keep your site and computers secure. 

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Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software


With Strategic Partnerships with the industries leading hardware and software manufacturers, Progressive Networks has the connections to lead providers in the industry.  

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Networking Support

Progressive Networks is adept at handling the diverse equipment that is attached to your network. From simple to highly complex devices, we are experienced at making the most of your technology investment to keep your office professionals up and running. Routers, switches, printers, and file servers are just a few of the devices in use daily. If these devices are not functioning correctly, it makes productivity difficult. You can rely on Progressive Networks to correctly install these devices, and keep them up and running in the manner which best suits the workflow of your business.

File Server Support

File servers are at the heart of the business network. File server downtime can adversely affect all employees ability to perform their job functions. Progressive Networks employees are certified on a variety of server platforms and can assist with server rollout, maintenance and tuning to keep the resources needed by your employees accessible. Physical and virtual server methodologies, backup solutions/data replication, patch management, antivirus protection, hardware redundancy are all part of an overall server room solution. We partner with HP, IBM and others to insure that we are current with file server technologies.

Secure Remote Backup

Today, there is a cornucopia of ways of backing up data off-site, such methods include a cost per gigabyte per month service to a third-party service; or a highly disciplined individual who will backup the important data and carry the backup off site; or hiring an expensive consultant who purchase expensive software and manage it on expensive PCs.

Workstation Support

The workstation is most important part of most office user productivity. In order for them to perform their job effectively they rely on information from a variety of sources. All of this information funnels down into a common display for the common user. If this machine is not performing correctly then the user cannot perform the tasks in a time effective manner. Spyware, virus’s, rogue applications and misconfigured software are the leading causes to lost productivity. These are problems that can be corrected. Measures can be taken to prevent troubles like this from happening in the future as well. Antiquated hardware is an additional cause to users productivity diminishing when at their desk. Progressive Networks specialists will work with you to insure that your employees have an effective means to reach the information that they need on a daily basis to make the most of their work day.

Security Services

Now more than ever the world performs business related tasks over the internet. Whether it’s a web based application, VPN to a business partner, remote users connecting from home, or a wireless connection from a coffee shop or at home, the internet has become an integral part of the way we conduct business. Security is a large part of that solution and becoming an ever increasing need. Progressive Networks professionals are experts in connecting you to the information wherever it may be, securely. We will work with you to make sure that you have minimum exposure to threats that the internet brings.

About Us

Based in Granger, Indiana, Progressive Networks is positioned to assist with customers in northern Indiana and South West Michigan.

Progressive Networks specializes in assisting local area businesses and School Corporations, design, implement and maintain computer networks. We also work with our customers to help them use the tools that keep their business running smoothly. Working with major vendors of hardware and software allow us to provide best of breed solutions based on customer need and specification.


  • Fast to respond!

    Sean from Progressive Networks is fast to respond to our calls and solves  any problems with our computer network quickly. We are extremely glad we have had him as our support person to keep our busy dental office running smoothly for many years.”

    Dr. Dan White Dr. Dan White DDS

  • Go to man!

    For the past seven years, Sean has been our go to man when we have had any computer issues.  He has been instrumental in networking our computers and provides a safe offsite backup of information.  He is quick to our needs when a problem arises. I recommend Progressive Networks, LLC”


    Dr. Russell Murphy Ironwood Family Dentistry

  • Outstanding Customer Support

    For over a decade now Progressive Networks has been taking care of our ever changing computer environment.  Progressive Networks continually provides outstanding customer support for all aspects of our computers and components. “

    Dr. James Macri Macri Orthodontics



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